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Free Tyre Checks

Need assistance checking your tyres? Bring your vehicle into Cutlers Tyrepower for a free tyre check!

On-road safety is a key focus for us, which is why our friendly staff are available to check the overall condition, tread depth and pressure of your tyres if you’re in Toormina or the surrounding areas.

Our tyre checks involve a visual inspection as well as a tyre pressure check. If we find any issues, we’ll discuss them with you and provide an obligation-free quote.

Physical Damage

The first thing we’ll look for is signs of damage to your tyre. This involves looking at the sidewall for bulges, cracks, discolouration, scuff marks and punctures.

We’ll also take a look at the tread depth and condition. Aside from measuring tread depth, we’ll look for cuts, nicks, chipping or other physical damage.

Tyre Pressure

A quick tyre pressure check will show if any of your tyres are over or under inflated. Under inflated tyres are one of the leading causes of tyre failure, while over inflated tyres will cause the centre of the tyre tread to wear out faster than the outer edges.

Having the correct tyre pressure will also help with your fuel economy, vehicle handling and road noise. We recommend that tyre pressures should be checked at least once a month, and you can do this at your local fuel station or by using a cheap gauge from an auto parts store.

Tyre Wear

The minimum legal tread depth is 1.5mm and this depth needs to be measured at multiple points across the tyre. We’ll also be able to tell if your tyre is suffering from any kind of uneven or premature wear caused by a bad alignment or has been used with incorrect air pressures for extended periods of time.

Tyre Date

The rubber compound used in tyres will age when exposed to the oxygen in the air. This occurs slowly over a period of many years.

We’ll check the age of your tyres against the date mark on the sidewall. Tyres over 5 years of age should be inspected periodically for signs of damage, including discolouration and dry rot. This is more common to see on trailer tyres or vehicles that aren’t regularly driven.

Correct Tyre

Lastly, our free tyre checks involve confirming whether all the tyres on the vehicle match, and are suitable tyres for the vehicle. Unevenly worn tyres should ideally be replaced in pairs at a minimum, with the new pair being fitted to either the front or the rear of the vehicle as mismatched tyres side-to-side can potentially cause stability issues or your vehicle's driver-assist features to function incorrectly.

Bring your Vehicle to Tyrepower

If you’re concerned about the state of your tyres, or your mechanic has advised you that your tyres are worn, bring your vehicle in to see Cutlers Tyrepower for a free tyre safety check. If we see anything suspicious such as old or damaged tyres, we’ll provide you with some options, including a free tyre quote.

We offer a wide range of tyres to suit most makes and models. You can visit our workshop at 631A Hogbin Drive, Toormina today or contact us by calling (02) 6658 4244 to book your vehicle in.

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For more information about Free Tyre Safety Check at Cutlers Tyrepower, call us directly on (02) 6658 4244 or use the form to send us a message.

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